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Elite Men’s Health is dedicated to assisting men with low testosterone levels, and overall health and wellness. We offer a comfortable, friendly environment where “getting old, does not have to feel like it!”

We offer low testosterone therapy to patients who qualify. We also offer B-12 Shots for energy and a sinus cocktail shot for cold symptoms.

Biote Testosterone Pellets

We now offer Biote Testosterone Pellets. Biote testosterone pellets are small pellets that can be inserted under the skin to provide hormone replacement therapy. These pellets will release hormones through an extended period. The benefits of these hormones are to improve sex drive, increase energy levels, and improve metabolism. A consultation can be scheduled to have initial blood work drawn to determine if you are a candidate. If eligible the pellets can be placed after a minor procedure under local anesthetic.

Testosterone Injections

Decreases fatigue, increases libido, and increases mental concentration!

Lipo Shot

Increases fat burning and energy, as well as increasing metabolism. Also, includes vitamin B1.


Delays muscle fatigue, suppresses appetite, and boosts energy!

Vitamin D Shot

Increases your absorption of calcium!